Friday, May 30, 2008

Grandy's First Girl!!!

Brett's father, Grandy, as Grace calls him, never wanted any girls. Laqueta has told me stories about how Grandy only wanted boys when they were having children. Well, Grandy got what he wanted. Both Brett and Rob have grown into two great men. I think Grandy has already fallen in love with Grace. I cannot wait to see the two of them together when Grace can talk!

Grace is sitting!!

Eventhough Grace was 6 weeks early, she is still right on track with all full-term babies. One of the many milestones that Grace has reached is sitting with assistance. Granddaddy sat her in the chair after saying goodbye. She looks so cute.

Our New Flower Beds

Brett and I love to work in our flower beds. I get this from many years of gardening with Stan. Well one weekend Brett and Stan decided to enhance the curb appeal of our house. After two visits and several hours they were done. And I have to say, it looks great.


This video was taken on May 29, 2008. At this point it was about 9 pm. Grace was well over 2 hours past her bed time. I would rock her to sleep just like every other night. However, Grace was able to wake herself up everytime I would put her in her bed. This happened about 5 times before she finally gave into the monster called sleep around 10:30 pm. Needless to say Brett and I were sooooo tried. And can you believe that she still was ready to get up at 5 am the next morning. We hope this does not continue to happen or she will spend several nights just laying in her bed!

Lake Trip

This was Grace's first Memorial Day Weekend. Grace made her first trip to the Lake and we cannot wait to go back. We hope that Bradley, Emory, and Emma will be at the lake next time we are there. Grace enjoyed her first boat ride. We had great video of the boat ride but it was deleted. We do still have some great pictures. Grace did great in her vest, she mostly wanted to chew on it!