Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Food - That would mean that I am a baby!

Grace has decided that it is time for only big people food. She started this last week. If you get out baby food, she will start to cry. So, now she only eats whatever Brett and I are eating. This has really made us rethink what we are eating. I thought that we had a little longer on baby food, but Grace decided otherwise. My mom gave us a few tips about foods to always keep in the house. One was frozen chicken-poc-pies. Brett was very pleased to hear this because he loves them. She loves chicken nuggets and pancakes.

Bed Rest

Who wouldn't love to have some time off work and a doctor's note explaining to your husband that you are not allowed to cook, clean, you cannot even get out of bed. This sounds great, for about one day. I am currently on bed rest. As of today I am 35 weeks so I have made it 1 weeks longer than I did with Grace. I am allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and to take one short shower a day. I have only been on bed rest since my birthday, but I am about to go crazy. There is only so much resting one can do. Thankfully, my sister-in-law, Emory has sent me a list of thing that I can do. So, thank her for the blog updates! I go back to the doctor today, maybe my bed rest will be over, but I am not holding my breath. I will let you know...

Grace's Birthday Party

Just a few days before Grace's birthday party, both Brett and I got very sick. But we got over it in time for all of our guest. However, a few of our guest did get sick once they returned home. Well, if you want someone to blame, you can blame a few of my unnamed students! Grace had a great party. I think she got even more for her birthday than is did for Christmas. She was still not into opening the presents. I did get some help from Emma, she is going to have so much fun at her party, she will be a pro by then. Grace was very much into playing with the paper and the bows. She and Emma played with the bows all afternoon. Grace got tons of clothes and lots of toys. She loves the toys that go on the refrigerator. She plays with them everyday. She also loves her rocking chair. She thinks that she is such a big girl sitting in her chair. If there was any question about who Grace takes after, we can put it to rest now. I will let you make you own decision, but let me help you a little. She loved wearing her Birthday crown, she still wears as she plays today. And when it can to cake time, the only way she would eat it was with a fork. Tay-Tay did push Grace's hand into the cake, Grace did not like it at all. We all had such a great time and are blessed to have a family that would travel so far for her Birthday party. I hope that we will soon be living closer to Memphis.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Reagan

Well, I just wanted to give a little update on Reagan. Her due date is March 6th. Brett and I are going to the doctor on Monday, we will be getting to "see" Reagan. The doctor will estimate her weight and we will talk more about her due date. I will post more information as it is given to us. I am about 32 weeks now, so we have about 8 more weeks to go. Brett and I both think that Reagan is bigger now than Grace was at this stage. Reagan's movements have become so strong, sometimes I think she is going to kick her way out!

Happy 1st Birthday

Grace turned ONE. Everyone tells you that time will fly by once you have a baby, well they do not lie. I feel like we just brought Grace home from the hospital yesterday. Stay tuned for Birthday pictures, we are having her family party in about a week.

First Tooth

Okay, so Brett and I have thought that Grace has been teething since she was about 7 months old. However, Grace did not start teething until she was about 10 months old. She got her first tooth at 11 months. We are so proud of her first tooth. She was only fussy for about a day and then the tooth started coming in. So far so good, we hope the rest of her teeth come in this easily.

Merry Christmas

We had a very busy Christmas this year. As everyone knows I am a planner. I need to know every detail before hand so I can make my plans. Well, this Christmas hardly anything went as planned, but it was GREAT. Since Brett is in school and I teach school we get a mid-year break. This year is our last break that we will be having together. So sad...yet excited that Law School Days are almost over!!! This year, like the past few years I helped out Granddaddy and Meme with their Christmas shopping. And they helped Brett out by allowing me to shop, buy things (even though it was for others), and spend someone else's money. I love to shop and I have found Christmas to be more rewarding when I see that the present I picked out was a hit! Well, one of the biggest surprises this Christmas was the fire at Granddaddy and Meme's house. But like always the Mohundro family are quick to action. Aunt Teresa's house became the new place for Christmas. I take after Aunt Teresa in the "planning" everything, so I am sure her Christmas morning was very crazy. However, as usual, her house looked as if the original plan was to have Christmas at her house. Brett's family Christmas was different this year because Rob and Maria could not get to Memphis until Christmas afternoon. His family usually does everything on Christmas Eve. It was great getting to see everyone, but I have to say it was not the same. But everyone knows as families grow, traditions change. Well, I was very pleased that Grace did so well on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These were two very long days, but Grace was her normal , happy self. Speaking of Grace, I am shocked that any other child got Christmas gifts this year after Grace got all of hers. Can we say SPOILED.