Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

So it has really just hit me that I will be going back to work in about 1 week. Typing this just gets me so sad. I do not want to go back to work; I want to stay at home with my babies!!! My hope is this will happen soon, when Brett gets a job, fingers crossed!

Grace and Reagan

Reagan has just grown so much since she was born. She is starting to hold her head up and smiling at me when I talk to her. She is sleeping in her new favorite spot as I am typing this, on my chest. She is just too cute.

Grace is growing like a weed. It seems like every time we turn around she is getting taller and learning something new. She is really taken with her sister; she drops everything whenever Reagan starts to cry and runs in her direction. I moved Grace’s bed so I could put Reagan’s bed in the room. At first Grace was not too sure about the new arrangements. But she loved seeing Reagan take her nap in their room. I plan to move Reagan into their room this weekend. I hope all goes well.

This morning Brett took some pictures of Grace sleeping. I cannot see how this position can be comfortable. I could just eat her up….I wish I could sleep as soundly has she does!

Grace new favorite thing: being outside! She does not want to be put down but she wants to be outside! We try to take a walk every night with the girls…Grace makes sure we do not miss the walk. She will stand at the door and point until we go, who can tell her no…clearly not Brett or me.

So I am sure everyone is wondering how Fergie has been doing with another baby in the house...I will let the pictures do the talking!

Just a few more pictures of Reagan from today!

A Big Thank You!
Reagan and Grace received a package today. Thank you so much for the cute outfits for the girls. Stay tune for the fashion show pictures...I will try to get them done this weekend. These outfits are from Joe and Carolyn Ingram, great family friends! We hope to see you next time we come into town.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to Church

The family finally made it back to church. We have not been to church since Reagan was born. Today we made it back. I cannot believe that we were able to get everyone bathed and dressed in time to get to church on time!!! Grace has moved out of the infant room and into the toddler room. I was a little unsure how she would do. She cried for half a second, I mean she stopped before we could even get out the door! One of the workers told Brett that she played with the baby dolls the entire time. Before we went to church you know I had to get a few pictures of the girls. They were just too cute! Note that Reagan is wearing the same dress Grace wore to church the first time she went! Reagan did much better with the bonnet.

Reagan Update

I took Reagan for a weight check this past Friday. She is up to 8 lbs and 4 oz! She has gained enough that we do not have any other weight checks! Reagan has been having trouble with reflux. I was willing to try anything, I thought that we were going to have to put her on the same medicine that Grace was on. However, I decided to make a change in her formula. We switched from Enfamil Lipil to Enfamil A.R. Lipil. It has worked great. We have been on the new formula for about a week and she has only had one mild reflux instead of one per feeding!

Memphis Fan

Brett is crazy about college basketball, so you can imagine what has been on our TV the past few weeks! Grace just had to dress up for yesterday's Memphis game. The first game was just too close! Brett was so pleased to see Grace in our College outfit! Thanks to Grandy and KiKi - it was a birthday gift!

A Day At The Park

The weather has been really nice so we decided to take Grace to the park that is close to our home. Grace is not a nature person, much like me, so it was funny to watch her in the sand. She loved the swing. We did not stay long because we did not want Grace to get sunburned. However, I think she would have stayed forever! As you can see from the slide show, Reagan slept the entire time in the sling. She was too cute not to get a picture of.

A Baby No More

Grace has decided that since she has become a big sister that she is no longer a baby and has stopped almost all "baby" things.
1.) She no longer takes a all! This happened about a week after Reagan was born. Every now and then Grace will hold Reagan's bottle, but she will only drink from a sippy cup!
2.) Grace rarely allows anyone to help her eat. This can be a very messy thing, but it is just too cute.
3.) Grace has started to become interested in her tooth brush. I hope this lasts because she has four teeth and we need to start brushing everyday!
4.) She only gets her passy at nap time! I thought this was going to be very hard to do but She really does not care! So far so good!

I guess Brett and I really do not get a say in how fast she grows up!!! We still cannot believe that she is over a year old!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brett's Interview

Well, Brett had his job interview yesterday with a small law firm in Somerville, TN. I think that everything went very well. Brett really like the people that he spoke with yesterday. He even drove around and took some pictures of some houses in the Oakland area. Today we were going to go back home, but he was asked to follow one of the lawyers around today. Stay tuned for more news!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Night Alone

Brett went to Memphis last night for a job interview, so tonight was the first time I have been alone with both girls for more than a few hours. I do not see how single parents do it! Both girls were great, but I am really missing my sleep. I could not sleep because I was worried someone was going to break in or try to get one of the girls. I know this is crazy, but I just could not stop thinking about it because it watch Jesse Stone and it was about a newborn baby being kidnapped! Next time I will have to stick with a happy show.

As if we needed any more proof that Grace is a Daddy's girl, we got it! Grace was taking a nap when Brett left for Memphis yesterday and she looked for him all night. She would bang on Brett's office door and when it was bed time she cried for Dada. I really hope that Reagan is a mama's girl!!! I guess I am not good enough for Grace, only daddy will do!