Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watching Baseball with Daddy

Grace loves to just hang out with her daddy. The other day Brett was watching a game in the bedroom and Grace was happy to join him.

Fourth of July

Grace became part of our family Fourth of July tradition of going to the Lake. Granddaddy and Honey got the girls a pool, it was a hit. On the Fourth Honey, Kathy, and I were unable to get out on the water. Fergie was hit by a car. We rushed him to Kathy's vet. I am happy to report that he is doing great. His tongue has healed and he gets the staples removed from his leg this week. Needless to say I was relieved he did not have any major injuries. The next day everyone was able to get out on the water. Grace and Emma fell asleep as soon as the boat was moving. Grace let everyone know quickly that she thought the water was still a bit too cold, can we say Honey's Girl! We cannot wait to go back.


Grace loves to play in her ExerSaucer. It is so funny to watch her. I love to see the joy that she gets from playing in the ExerSaucer. I believe that every baby should have something like this.

Baby Food

At first Grace had no idea what to do with the baby food. She was a quick learner and loves to eat. She really wants whatever mommy and daddy are having, but will settle for here baby food. Her favorite so far even including fruits is squash.

Grace's Baptism

Grace was baptized on June 22, 2008. Brett and I were so proud of how well she acted during the ceremony, however, she did speak her mind during the sermon. Grace is blessed to have such great Godparent, Marty and Renae McElwain.