Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Baby!





Classic Grace

The pictures


it all!

Our Cindy Lou Who!

Family Fun?

We had to get the oil changed and the tires rotated and balanced on both cars so we made a morning of it.

Rob and Maria came to help us out. Then we went to breakfast together. Grace and Reagan just love their Uncle Rob and Aunt Maria.

Both Grace and Reagan were in a real need of a nap!

This is what Brett did 99% of the wait.

Be My Valentine

The girls and I were out for President's day, we had a great day together. we started with pancakes for breakfast.

We got snow the Friday before and Grace was checking to see if it was still out there.

Grace was supposed to have a Valentine Party at school the day it was closed for weather. So it gave us some extra time to get her Valentine's Cards ready. At first we were going to get Elmo Valentine Card, but then with all the time I decided she could create her own. She loves to paint so I decided that was what she would do. And she had a blast!

She made about 20! And cried when she finished because she was having so much fun. I can only imagine what it will be like when both girls are painting these next year!

Snow Day

The Friday before President's Day we had lots of snow.

Lots of snow for the South!

Grace loved to look at it and to talk about it but hated to touch it.

I did not let Reagan get in it, I think she is still too little for such cold weather.

Since school and out,
daycare was closed,
and Brett's office was closed
we had a fun filled family day, inside style!

Reagan's First Birthday!

It is official, Reagan, our baby, is ONE! This past year has just flown by!

This is the new view of our backseat! Both girls are facing forward.

Here is the birthday girl before the eating the cake.

Reagan with all her attitude.
She had a blast at her party.
Thank you Kiki for such a great party!

Tay-Tay had to be careful not to play with just one girl.
What can we say, everyone loves their Tay-Tay.
As Grace puts it, My Tay-Tay!

The Money Shot!
Unlike Grace, Reagan does not mind a mess,
She loved her cupcake!