Monday, November 23, 2009

We're Still Here

Yes, we are still here and yes I have not been blogging and yes the girls keep us running But NO... we would not have it any other way!

We will be traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday! I hope to post again soon!

Happy Halloween

This year was a bit different than last year. We had several family members in town because Reagan's Baptism was the day after Halloween. The girls got into their outfits for a photo shot with they grandparents. We had a blast and cannot wait to see what is in store for us next year!

Reagan's Baptism

November 1st was Reagan's Baptism.

She did great, she must take after her God-Mother! I am so excited that My Aunt Teresa and Uncle Nick are her God-Parents.

Like Grace, Reagan has a set of God-Parents that truly care about our girls! I hope and Pray that my girls come to find that Jesus is the Savior!

Reagan and Table Food

Reagan is now eating table foods and loving it! We began giving Reagan a few bites here and there of table food a few weeks ago. Then we noticed that she started getting mad when we feed her baby food while Grace ate what we were eating. So now she is eating table food and we give her baby food when she has not gotten enough to eat. She is growing up too fast!!!

Green beans, carrots, eggs, and pancakes are some of her favorites!

Taylor's Birthday

My sister Taylor recently had her 16th birthday. The girls and I went up to Memphis to help her celebrate this big b-day! I know that Grace, Reagan, and Emma had I blast! I hope that Taylor did as well!!!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

I few weeks ago my school had parent-teacher conferences. Two days before the girls' daycare reminded us about the upcoming Federal Holiday. I am so blessed to have an understanding boss. She allowed me to bring the girls to work with me.

Needless to say I do not get anything extra done that I planned to do, but I loved having the girls with me. My parent were great as well!

She's my Girl

Grace has always thought that she could do anything that mama does. Well, make-up and face mask don't stop her either. She loved it!

Jack and Jill

Grace has a boy friend. Well this is nothing new. Grace and a little boy at daycare have been friends since the first day she every went to Little Acorns. At Little Acorns they have earned the name Jack and Jill. They are always together.

Well Grace was invited to his birthday party. She had a blast.

There was a pony ride and a petting zoo not to mention "Jack" was there.

Did I mention that Grace would pnly ride the pony with mama!