Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just a few cute pictures...

I just wanted to add a few pictures that were just too cute to leave out!

Three Year Anniversary

Brett and I just celebrated our three year anniversary. Although October 15th was in the middle of the week, everything worked out great. I had a doctor's appointment, so I took the entire day off. Brett only had to go to his morning class. So we spent the whole afternoon together. First, we found out the we were having a GIRL! Then we went to lunch and a movie. It had been so long since we did something with just the two of us!

Dinner with Uncle Rob and Aunt Maria

About every week or so we have dinner with Brett's brother and his wife. Grace loves to play with her Uncle Rob. He lets her do just about anything that she wants which is usually climbing all over him!

The Playroom...I mean den?

Grace has slowly taken over the den has her playroom. The only time the room is clean is when she is sleeping. If she is up, then her toys are everywhere! Right now her two favorite toys are the empty water bottle and any paper she can get her hands on. Christmas is going to be FUN! She has been such a good and happy baby! It makes me wonder what the next baby will be like?

On the move

Grace has now mastered crawling. She can really get around, unless she in in a dress. So far, we have not had to move anything, she is pretty good about not playing with things that are not hers. Of course, we have to remind her all the time!

Labor Day

This year we went to Georgia with Brett's family and friends on our Labor Day trip. We needed a little extra help this year with Grace, so Taylor came on the trip with us. We had a blast seeing everyone and Grace loved the water. It was too cold to really let her get in, but Brett and the boys enjoyed a relaxing ride down the river.

So....This is what The Ferguson's have been up to!

Okay, to say the has been a while since the last post! Grace started daycare at Little Acorns and loves it. We just got back her "school" pictures! Brett has been busy with his LAST year of Law School and working the the Office Indigent Appeals. Of course, I am back teaching. And if this was not enough change, we found out a few months ago that we are expecting our second child in early March. Unlike Grace who gave us a clear view that she was a girl, this baby was not so helpful. The doctor is 99% sure that we are having a GIRL! I will have another sonogram next visit to get a better look. We are so excited, TWO GIRLS will be a blast! Grace is such a daddy's girl, maybe this one will be a mama' girl!