Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Girls make for Great Pictures!

While at breakfast this morning I played around with the few options my camera has. I am thinking about getting another camera...but I need to show Brett that it will be worth the money. ha!

Getting a quick drink of mommy's coke!

Checking out the people seating down next to us.

Being a camera ham!

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. She was done taking pictures and I can only imagine what she is saying in her head! ha!

Saturday Breakfast

We started a family tradition of going out for Saturday breakfast. We all get up and go to a place called Corner Bakery. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is the best!
I get the All American Scrambler. It comes with toast, tons of eggs, three pieces of bacon, and freshly made potatoes. It is wonderful! At first I would share with the girls, but now they have to have their own because they eat so much.

Looking at the pictures you can tell that everyone loves their breakfast!

Reagan also eats dried fruits. Granddaddy and Honey introduced her to it and she cannot get enough of it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Grace is Calling...

Brett's mom got us a camera for our computer so we could Skype each other. My mom loved the idea and got my bother and herself one. Let's not pretend we don't know it's really to see the girls. Ha! But can you blame them. We love Skype. Grace is a pro. Last night she talked to her cousin Emma for the first time. The girls loved it. Grace and Reagan Skyped Kiki and Grandy the other night and Reagan said Kiki for the first time. We hope to Skype Honey and Granddaddy this weekend.

We hope Reagan will stay up to make the next meeting between the girls. It was so much fun watching the girls.

Friday Night Special

We are relaxing and letting the weekend begin. Grace is doing her new favorite thing, watching movies in the chair.

I am saving up money to buy Grace her own chair to go in the corner of our den for her own "Movie Area".

Target online has some very cute chairs. This is what I was thinking when she gets older it can go in her room. Sorry the picture quality is not very good.

Reagan just finished enjoying her evening bath and has very "hot" hair! Although the pictures do not show it, both girls have colds. I think it is the weather change that we are having from somewhat warm to very cold!

We hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Our house now looks like a toy store!

Christmas Morning was a blur...I will try to do better with the pictures next year. I really like to experience the moments with my girls. Above are some of the pictures I got Christmas Day. I will try to upload some of the video later.

School Christmas Party:

Grace's class had a gift swap while Reagan's class did not. However, if you know Reagan you know food is best anyways! A little boy in Grace's class got her a princess crown...he really knows Grace and no it was not her boyfriend. Grace got her person some toy cars!

Reagan's current teacher and one of Grace's former teacher got the girls a matching outfit. (Pictures to follow in a day or two.)

So where are the pictures?

I did not forget the pictures! I did forget where the camera is and the video camera is! As soon as they are found I will add much needed pictures to the blog!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Check-In

Okay have you noticed that I have not posted in a while? It HAS been A WHILE! So tomorrow I will post nothing but pictures!

We had a great Christmas. It took three cars to load up all of the girls Christmas! Yes I said THREE. Grace really got into opening presents. She also really enjoyed Santa! Reagan started to understand the opening of the presents towards the end of Christmas. I really cannot wait until next year when both girls know what it going on.

January 7th Grace turned TWO! I know TWO! We had a great party with family and close friends in Memphis. Grace is really into Elmo right now so her party was Elmo everything! If Christmas presents were not enough after Grace's birthday party we official have every children's toy one can think of! I have an idea for the girls party next year...maybe I will share it soon!

Check back in tomorrow for picture overload!