Monday, February 28, 2011

She's HERE!

Introducing Madison Greer!

(Note: the side of my face that was not moving. I can only imagine what I looked like after the reaction to the medicine!)

I am very excited to say our family is finally complete. Greer arrived Monday, February 21, 2011 at 9:55 am. Believe it or not I made it to my scheduled c-section. Greer weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces! Everything was going great during the c-section. Brett and I were talking like nothing was going on. Greer arrived in style screaming her head off which continued until she was nicely covered and handed to daddy!

However, we were still in for a huge surprise! In order to cut down on the risk of an infection after the c-section, I was given a medicine I had never had before. Surprise, I was extremely allergic to the medicine. Seconds after receiving a "test" dose, I had a metal taste in my mouth and my inner ears were itching. Moments later I could barely breath. By the time I was in the recovery room I could not talk. Needless to say I was beyond scared! I was so glad to heard the words, "let's put in a breathing tube." I do not remember much after that until waking up in the ICU that night.

Brett loves to retell the story of my pinching the ICU nurse, but I cannot say if this happened or not. I do have to thank Brett for no ICU pictures. (Yes, I heard someone wanted to take a picture or my head 4 times its normal size! This person will remain nameless on the blog!)

Both Mommy and Baby were doing great by the second day and we got to come home on schedule!

Grace and Reagan got to come to the hospital on the second day. They were so excited to see their Madison Greer. They both wanted to hold her as soon as she came into the room! They are GREAT big sisters and wonderful helpers! I hope it lasts!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ferguson's Lately

Needless to say, we have been very busy around here. I have cleaned the house countless times...with Brett's help! (MUCH NEEDED!) There have been a few days that the girls daycare was closed for one reason or another, so we have gotten to spend the day together. I have to say that I love it as much as the girls do!

Although Grace and Reagan sleep in the same room every night with little to no problem, nap time is another story! They play instead of nap of I have a great solution! Both girls are just fine with the nap time sleeping. Grace gets her bed and Reagan gets a mat in the den. Believe it or not, she falls asleep in minutes and will sleep for 1 to 2 hours. I even clean and it does not bother her.

We put in Greer's car seat and moved around the other two, they love it. Grace is in the middle and Reagan is still behind the driver. This is the best arrangement for getting the girls in and out for daycare!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating with Granddaddy, Honey, and Tay-Tay

Thanks to Honey, we had GREAT Birthday Hats. I thought for sure Grace and Reagan would NOT want to put them own. Boy was I WRONG. We all had to put them on and take turns Singing Happy Birthday to everyone with a January or February birthday. Somehow Taylor and Brett did not have to wear a hat. I thank we sang Happy Birthday for more than 30 minutes. The girls loved it!

Next it was gift time! My parents went a little overboard with all the presents. It is official, there is nothing left for the girls in a toy store and we do not already have at home! lol

Grace takes after her Uncle Bradley and loves to have the LAST present to open. As you can tell from this picture, she also loves to pose for pictures with all of the presents!

After gifts we went to lunch. Soulshine is a must anytime we have visitors from out of town. The girls went shopping after lunch and the boys returned home to work on the Honey-Do List. Reagan is such a Granddaddy's girls that she began to cry when he was getting in the car so she dumped the shopping to go with him!

That night we had a GREAT dinner. Granddaddy grilled steaks. Honey made twice baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and a salad. I made our appetizers, crab stuffed mushrooms! Needless to say...everything was delicious and nothing was left!

After dinner it was bedtime for everyone! Reagan would only chill is Granddaddy was holding her. This was how she feel asleep.

Reagan Turns 2

Reagan was a very excited Birthday Girl. Her favorite thing was to have you sing Happy Birthday Reagan. On her birthday she would run between Brett and me to get us to sign it to her. I think we sang at least 100 times!

Grace quickly reminded Reagan that you get presents on your birthday. So at 7 a.m. Reagan was ready to open her presents. She did allow Grace to help. If you know Grace than you know she did more than help. They were both very excited about the gifts Reagan got. Grace got a Mister Potato Head for Christmas and they have been fighting over it ever since. So Reagan got her very own for her birthday. The girls played with their own for about 2 hours that morning and even more that night.

Reagan's other present was a movie, Tarzan. Reagan loves signing and animals and this move has both. Again we had a hit, she loves this movie.

Unlike Grace who planned for weeks about what type of cake she wanted to order for her party at school, Reagan wanted nothing to do with an ordered cake. She quickly told me that she wanted to MAKE her Happy Birthday Cake, as she calls it. So Reagan and I made some cupcakes. I am not sure who had more fun between the two of us! It was a blast. As you can see Reagan was the taste tester.

We were told by her teachers the next afternoon that the cupcakes were a hit. I can see a lot of Tay-Tay in Reagan with the painting and baking skills she already has at age 2. I KNOW I am in TROUBLE!