Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TV time

In the morning, as soon as the sun is up (for real), the girls are coming to our room asking if we can turn on the cartoons. Most morning Brett uses the girls as his alarm clock and begins getting ready for his day. He is even sweet enough to turn the cartoons on and allows me about 20 more minutes of sleep. I really think he allows me to sleep longer for him as much for me because when I do not get my sleep I can be a bear! The girls were ready to get dressed this morning because they wanted to wear their new boots. However, Greer and I are still in pjs. We will change before we leave the house, I promise!

Greer decided she need her jacket over her pjs. 

Kisses for Daddy

I love being at home with the girls and the girls love it just as much, but there is nothing they love more than their daddy.  And who can blame them, I love him too!

Sisterly Love

I tried to get a picture of the girls in front of the tree and this is what unfolded. Got to love it!

Is it too early for the tree?

Brett loves Christmas time.  He really loves to have the tree up and the light on.  Who can blame him, but isn't the first week of November a little too early?  Not according to Brett, I have even gone to his office and put his tree up there.  The tree is not as put together, I think, has years past but that is because we had three ever eager helpers.  They loved it.  I will put up a video later if I can figure out how to do it.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm losing it!

Have you ever had the days were you feel like all you have done it yell and scream only to feel terrible all night for your behavior.  When I first started staying home full time with our girls this was me everyday.  I even asked Brett if we had made the right decision about me staying home with the girls.  I know that no one can raise our girls they way we want them to be raised better then us, while other than God.  But screaming at my children is NOT what I wanted nor is it what they deserve. 
One on my nightly routines is to read blogs of people I know and people I have found and feel like I know.  One of these blogs is Kelly's Korner. http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/
I do not know Kelly, but I feel like I do.  I was on bed rest when I was pregnant with Grace and my sister-in-law told me about blogging and thought it would be a great way to help pass the time.  I happened upon her blog when she had her first daughter Harper and things did not start as planned.  I have prayed so hard for Harper and her family and continue to follow them on her blog. 
Just about the time I has fed up with all the screaming, Kelly introduced this book on her blog.  She was having some of the same issues.  At first I just thought it would be great to one day read this book.  Then I noticed that every time we would go to Target Brett would ask if I wanted to find a book to read.  It was like he knew.  It took about two weeks or so and I finally broken down and told him how I was feeling.  It is so crazy how much better I felt just letting Brett know, like he did not know already. HA!  So then I decided I was going to try and find this book and give it a try.  Being a mom of three it is taking longer than normal to get through the book, but it is great. 
I find myself thinking back to how I have handled or not handled certain situations and how I should have handled them.  I have always looked up to my grandmother, Mimi.  I have loved the way she carries herself whether it is in a everyday conversation or a problem that someone is seeking her Godly wisdom.  I have always wanted to be that kind of person and yet I am here screaming at my own children.  Well, I am making progress!  I am learning how to handle all kinds of situations by learning how to turn to God during the situations.  Unglued is fabulous and if you are looking for a new bible study or if you just wanted to learn how to have more peace by turning to the King of Peace this is the book for you.
Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

Wordless Wednesday

A day late