Friday, January 7, 2011

Grace is 3!!!!

I can not believe that 3 years ago today Grace was born. She has been a joy to have as a daughter. She is growing each and everyday. She was very excited to be turning three until this morning. This morning she woke up crying and said she did not want to be three because she still needed her passy. That's right folks...this mama is making her baby well big girl give up her passy on her birthday! She went all day without it and Daddy was strong when he picked her up from school and she asked for it. Bedtime was another story. She finally went to be around 10:30 or so. She really did not fuss and just found every reason in the world to get out of bed. We shall see how operation No Passy goes!

As for Grace's party....because I was scared I would be on bed rest by now from my history, we decided it would be best to have her party at school this year. She had a blast. Her teacher decorated her chair with balloons and she wore a Birthday Crown all day. If you know Grace then you know that was right up her ally. She had a Princess birthday cake to share with the class. She was so excited!
Reagan had a hard time at first when Grace was opening her presents. With Christmas being so close and Reagan so young she really did not understand why she did not get a gift too. But Big Sister did not disappoint. She allowed Reagan to help her and even let her be the first to hold a few of her new toys.
After such a great Christmas what did she get. Well Christmas made it easy. The girls got Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. So she wanted the figures from the movie. And that is what she got. She was sooooo excited when she opened them!

Greer's Bedding

Well Greer's bed is up and her bedding it in place. I have her closet and clothes put in its place. But the rest of the room still needs a little work. I need to get some bedding for the twin bed and maybe a curtain for the window. I am hope that Taylor will once again come through with some great art for the wall!!! I cannot believe that she will be here so soon. We go Monday to see her and her growth progress. I wish we could have an ultrasound ever visit!!!

Christmas Pictures

Why NO Pics!?!?!?!

I cannot get any pictures to upload...I hope Brett has this fixed by morning!!! Christmas Pictures, Grace's birthday, and Greer's bedding will be added asap!!!!

Christmas Craziness

Well the week before Christmas I got the Flu. Needless to say our house was not very decorated. We had a tree with only one red barn ornament on it that Grace made at school. We did have lights up outside because we did that before I got sick. I am not too worried about the girls not having a real Christmasy house because we go to our parents anyways. I am happy to report that I was feeling much better by the time Christmas rolled around.

We spent Christmas Eve and the day before with Brett's side of the family. The girls love their Kiki and Grandy. Brett's bother Rob and his wife Maria came up and Brett's Mamaw came over on Christmas Eve as well so we could have one big family celebration.

The girls were really into opening the presents this year. We told them they could not start until daddy said go. Grace was sure to remind everyone of this was so cute. Grace liked opening one present after another and then going back and playing with the gift. Reagan was different. She wanted to open the present one at a time and play with it a little before moving on to the next present.

For dinner we went to Brett's other Grandparent's house to celebrate with them and his Aunt Pat, Uncle Elmer, and cousin Patrick. Grace and Reagan love Patrick. Of course they are going to love anyone that gives them complete attention and does whatever they say, when they say. After a great dinner we opened some more presents. By this time the girls were pros! I cannot believe how much they got! The are well loved to say the least!!!!

That night we went to my parents house to get some much needed sleep and to get ready for Santa. It was around 11 before everyone was in bed and asleep! I wish I could say that we got to sleep in but NO! Reagan, who is usually an early riser anyways, way ready to go by 7:30!!! She even woke up Grace which is never a good idea...even on Christmas morning!

While Grace laid in the middle of the den to pitch a fit for all to see....Reagan was busy looking and playing with all the toys Santa had brought. My sister, Taylor soon came down to see what Santa had brought her. But I think she had just as much fun watching the girls as we did. After a few minutes of snuggles with Honey and a second fit Grace was ready to play!

My brother, Bradley and his wife, Emory and daughter, Emma as well as my sister Michelle and family friend John soon joined us for breakfast and more presents! Mom made a new Christmas dish per the request of my brother...lets just say tradition is tradition! I am glad my mom went above and beyond and still made the traditional Bond Family Christmas Breakfast!!!! It is so sad when you have to make a special dish for each child at Christmas...I can only hope for my children that I am that nice of a mother! lol

As if we had not had enough Christmas Fun we had one more family gathering to attend. We always have lunch and get together with my mom's side of the family Christmas Day. We usually over fill our plates and sit where ever we can find a spot. This year Aunt Wendy decided that we should have assigned seats and she did the seating chart. Each table was a great mix of family. My Mimi ate with all the Grandsons and my Uncle Scot, Granddaddy ate the Granddaughters and Uncle Wil, and the sisters along with my dad and Aunt Joy ate together. I will have to say it was a lot of fun. My cousin Morgan is getting married soon so we were having wedding talk. I cannot wait for her and Ben to get married...we are so excited for them.

Of course after lunch we opened gifts. Grace was sure to inform everyone that you could not open until her daddy said go. It was so funny!

Granddaddy made some special gifts for my Aunts and Uncles. He made them bird houses and wooden chopping blocks. Of course the Granddaughters had to protest for being left out...I hope we get our next year!

After a few more hours of talking we decided to call it a night and went back to my parents house. The girls were asleep before we were out of the neighborhood.

All in all I would say we had a GREAT Christmas!