Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Chillin

The trip to the lake is about 6 hours. So on the way back we stop to say hi the Kiki and Grandy. Grace colored and played nonstop. She is just too cute with her feet on the table!

Your in the Family

We have a running joke about making it into our family when your picture makes it to the frige. While my cousin's boyfriend of several years has been trying to "make it into the family" for a while. Morgan decided to help him out and give him a tip. Hold a baby and you might make it onto the frige. A blog is so much better. Ben, picture or not, you have made it into our family. I am happy to see Morgan so happy! She is like my other sister, you got a great girl!

Even Fergie agrees! You know he is hard to please!

Lake Weekend

We LOVE the lake. Family, Sun and the Water always make for a great time! Grace was styling on the ride up to the lake!

And mommy don't forget to feed all the babies!

When we got to the Lake Grace went crazy over the play set Honey and Granddaddy got for the girls! A 3 man 12 hour job took about 2 weekends! I know who to call when we get one for home. There is no way I can do that!

Reagan was equally as happy. Especially to have her Honey to spoil her nonstop the whole weekend!

My brother's daughter, Emma. My favorite first niece also quickly took to the play set!

Once it got dark it was time to move the fun to the inside. Granddaddy always has the music going while we are at the lake. Taylor, Bradly and I never got into the nightly music jam. Who knew that the Grandchildren would find it to be one of the best things ever!

Oh, don't worry about forgetting to take the girls for a fun stroll up and down the drive way! Emma and Grace will let you know when they want a ride!

Just a few more minutes for playtime please!

Sunday Routine

Sometimes getting everyone ready to church can feel more like a chore than something to be happy about. This Sunday was starting to feel like a REAL CHORE. I decided I needed to change my attitude because the last thing I want my children to see that going to church is a chore. I want them to see church is a place to worship and a place of refuge. To get myself in this mind set I decided to celebrate what God has given me to personally praise and worship Him. How better then My girls.

We always start the day with breakfast and a bath. Just as I was feeling the pressure of getting everything done, I looked at how much fun they were having with each other. A CHORE for me but a playful and bonding moment for the girls. Isn't God great!

I was really pushing my luck, but I wanted a few pictures. Grace was not feeling the pictures until.....

She got to hold her sister!

Reagan on the other hand had no problem. She knew how cute she was and was willing to show it off!
Needless to say we made it to church on time and I felt great. However, Brett did not. The worst feeling on a Sunday is knowing you should be at church but choose not to be. This time we were at church but had to leave. Brett was out of it for most of the day. He is felling much better now.

Such a Helper

Grace is really starting to become very interested in Reagan. Don't get me wrong, she has always been interested, she is now able to really get involved!

For the past few weeks Grace has been watching really close at dinner time. She finally asked in her own way if she could help feed Reagan. You can tell be the picture both Reagan and Grace were really enjoying this.

Of course, Reagan was talking to Grace too much to really eat. This made Grace upset but she quickly got over it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The past month has been a whirlwind. Brett took the Tennessee and Mississippi Bar Exams, a week long process. I started back to school and the girls grew beyond belief.

I wish there was a pause button so I could truly savor each second my little girls are little. They grow way too fast. I mean everyone tells you time flys, but I just had no clue what they meant until now!

So what have we been doing, Brett and I have been enjoying every last moment of the summer with our girls.

The girls spent one weekend with Grandy and Kiki. They had a blast. Brett and I got much needed rest that weekend.

The rest of the time we just played. Enjoy our pictures as we enjoyed the times they were taken!