Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

We had a great 4 of July weekend. As family tradition we went to the Lake. Brett and I decided to break up the 6-7 hour trip into two days for the girls. Memphis is the half way point so we stayed the night with the Ferguson's. Grace had a blast playing and being the center of attention. Reagan loved being held by her Grandy. She spent most of her time being held by Grandy and would not have it any other way! The next day the girls went to Grandy's office and hung out with Grandy and Great Mamaw Rimer. This gave Brett and I time to get much needed hair cuts. Grace had too much fun, she did not want to leave Great Mamaw Rimer once we returned!

The Lake was great. Two of my brother's best friends came for the weekend as well. I love seeing his friends...they were and still are like my older brothers! My mom watched the three girls while dad took us out on the boat! It was a much needed break! (I am now peeling from this great afternoon in the sun!)

Grace had fever while we were at the Lake so she slept a lot! Reagan did amazing on the boat. She just chilled in her bouncy seat. Grace did well in the water but did not stay long. ( It was on the colder side!) She got one boo-boo. She busted her lip on the boat door when a wave came. All is well now! Grace also rode the Sea-Doo for the first time this weekend. The water was very rough so we had to go very very slow. She LOVED it. She waved to every boat we past by no matter how close or far away they were!

By now I am sure you have noticed that there are no pictures with this post. I left my camera at the Ferguson's house. I will add pictures when I get them from my mom's camera! But you can just imagine how cute my two girls were over the weekend!!! ha ha - really they are cute!

Chillin with my Sister

We just love our two little girls! I cannot believe how blessed we are! God is Great!!!


Reagan has found her FEET! She is growing too fast. Before we know it she will be one! She is already 5 months old! Over the past few weeks she started eating baby food. She just loves it. We are now working on sitting on our own. I will keep you updated on her progress!

The Memphis Zoo

I could not wait until Grace was old enough to go to the zoo. The only problem is that the Jackson, MS Zoo is terrible. You can walk through it in about 10 minutes. Well I guess I am spoiled because I had the Memphis Zoo. So when I took Tay-Tay back home we decided it was time. Honey, Tay-Tay, Grace, Reagan, and I all went to the Memphis Zoo. We decided to go early because it has been so hot lately. Good decision! We had a blast. Reagan did great. She mostly slept in her stroller. I think we had more fun watching Grace see the animals then seeing the animals! She loved the elephants! One was pregnant and was due any day. We could see the shape of the baby trunk on her side. Poor thing she had to be miserable! Well the Zoo was a big hit! I think we will be making regular visits as Grace and Reagan get older! I really want to take them to Zoo Lights!
P.S. I am sad to see the news that the baby elephant passed away after an accident.

Riding the Merry-Go-Round

Honey has been waiting since I was pregnant with Grace to take her to the Merry-Go-Round. A few weeks ago we finally took Grace to ride. Reagan was with us but I decided she was still too little to ride. Reagan will have her own special day next summer. At first Grace was not sure about riding, she was about to cry but honey started to sing to her. Then Grace decided it was really fun. Mom and I took turns riding with Grace. After the fourth or fifth ride we had to pull her off screaming because she wanted to keep riding. I think this is something the she will do with Honey almost every trip!

Playing Dress-Up

Tay-Tay has always loved to dress Grace. I think Grace might have been the one that selected this outfit. Her Memphis tu-tu that Aunt Emory made and her daddy's cowboy boots. I can only imagine what kind of outfits she will put together for herself in the future.

Call Me Grandy

Brett's dad who we call Grandy has a classic stand. Grace has now mastered the same pose. She is just too cute! Add ImageThis is what she does when she is mad or upset with you. Her mannerisms are just so cute, well most of them are.