Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Memphis Zoo

I could not wait until Grace was old enough to go to the zoo. The only problem is that the Jackson, MS Zoo is terrible. You can walk through it in about 10 minutes. Well I guess I am spoiled because I had the Memphis Zoo. So when I took Tay-Tay back home we decided it was time. Honey, Tay-Tay, Grace, Reagan, and I all went to the Memphis Zoo. We decided to go early because it has been so hot lately. Good decision! We had a blast. Reagan did great. She mostly slept in her stroller. I think we had more fun watching Grace see the animals then seeing the animals! She loved the elephants! One was pregnant and was due any day. We could see the shape of the baby trunk on her side. Poor thing she had to be miserable! Well the Zoo was a big hit! I think we will be making regular visits as Grace and Reagan get older! I really want to take them to Zoo Lights!
P.S. I am sad to see the news that the baby elephant passed away after an accident.

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