Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

One of the best things about motherhood is watching your child and your husband. What is better than this?!

Brett and his family along with two other families, have been going on Labor Day trips forever. So natural we have just continued the family tradition. This year we went to Grant, AL. We stayed in this nice house on the lake. The view was amazing!

Of course I was in the hot tub as much as possible! The only problem was I forgot my swimsuit. We went to wal-mart and their swimsiuts were on sale for $1 for tops and $1 for bottoms. However, there were NO bottoms, a pair of shorts solved that! The first day the hottub was cold so it was a great swimming pool for Grace!

Grace loved playing outside. She did not like the leaves on the ground. Every time she would step on one she would pick up her foot and say nasty. I think she is alittle OCD!

Grace has a favorite place to sit outside. Of course it was with Uncle Rob.

One of the days was very rainy. The men still went golfing because it was just a steady sprinkle. The girls went shopping. Usually we go to the town square and all the great shops and antique stores. However, becasue it was raining we decided to go to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. This place was huge. They had a lot of different things. Whitney found some cute shirts for Gavin. I am not the type of shopper that can go through racks of clothes. So, the girls did not get anything. I am still blown away with what people pack in their loaded baggage. Hello - diamond rings and a Rolex. You have got to be kidding! Well all of the shopping and activity around the house finially caught up with Grace. She passed out on the chair watching Barney.

Kiki and Grandy really enjoyed time with the girls. Brett and I enjoyed an afternoon ride while the girls were with their grandparents. There is nothing like a nice quiet car ride!!!

Joni and Dale are one of the couples that come on the trip. I love them. I am always laughing when I am around these two. Their children and their families were unable to come. We hope to see them next year. (Talk about a house full of babies.) Mark and Lisa are the other couple that comes on the trip. Their son Sam and his wife Whitney with their new baby Gavin came on the trip. Mark and Lisa's daughter Laura and her husband also came. However their daughter Rebecca and her husband could not make it. They are currently living in Korea!

Dale still found a baby to hold. He is really a big Teddy Bear, as long as no one is watching! haha! This is Whitney and Sam's little boy, Gavin. He is such a cute little boy. I hope that his tummy is feeling better.

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