Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Check-In

Okay have you noticed that I have not posted in a while? It HAS been A WHILE! So tomorrow I will post nothing but pictures!

We had a great Christmas. It took three cars to load up all of the girls Christmas! Yes I said THREE. Grace really got into opening presents. She also really enjoyed Santa! Reagan started to understand the opening of the presents towards the end of Christmas. I really cannot wait until next year when both girls know what it going on.

January 7th Grace turned TWO! I know TWO! We had a great party with family and close friends in Memphis. Grace is really into Elmo right now so her party was Elmo everything! If Christmas presents were not enough after Grace's birthday party we official have every children's toy one can think of! I have an idea for the girls party next year...maybe I will share it soon!

Check back in tomorrow for picture overload!

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Melody said...

thanks for the recommendation on the book! I have started reading it and I am loving it :) The new pics are great and I am glad you had a nice Christmas!