Monday, January 26, 2009

Grace's Birthday Party

Just a few days before Grace's birthday party, both Brett and I got very sick. But we got over it in time for all of our guest. However, a few of our guest did get sick once they returned home. Well, if you want someone to blame, you can blame a few of my unnamed students! Grace had a great party. I think she got even more for her birthday than is did for Christmas. She was still not into opening the presents. I did get some help from Emma, she is going to have so much fun at her party, she will be a pro by then. Grace was very much into playing with the paper and the bows. She and Emma played with the bows all afternoon. Grace got tons of clothes and lots of toys. She loves the toys that go on the refrigerator. She plays with them everyday. She also loves her rocking chair. She thinks that she is such a big girl sitting in her chair. If there was any question about who Grace takes after, we can put it to rest now. I will let you make you own decision, but let me help you a little. She loved wearing her Birthday crown, she still wears as she plays today. And when it can to cake time, the only way she would eat it was with a fork. Tay-Tay did push Grace's hand into the cake, Grace did not like it at all. We all had such a great time and are blessed to have a family that would travel so far for her Birthday party. I hope that we will soon be living closer to Memphis.

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