Saturday, January 10, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a very busy Christmas this year. As everyone knows I am a planner. I need to know every detail before hand so I can make my plans. Well, this Christmas hardly anything went as planned, but it was GREAT. Since Brett is in school and I teach school we get a mid-year break. This year is our last break that we will be having together. So sad...yet excited that Law School Days are almost over!!! This year, like the past few years I helped out Granddaddy and Meme with their Christmas shopping. And they helped Brett out by allowing me to shop, buy things (even though it was for others), and spend someone else's money. I love to shop and I have found Christmas to be more rewarding when I see that the present I picked out was a hit! Well, one of the biggest surprises this Christmas was the fire at Granddaddy and Meme's house. But like always the Mohundro family are quick to action. Aunt Teresa's house became the new place for Christmas. I take after Aunt Teresa in the "planning" everything, so I am sure her Christmas morning was very crazy. However, as usual, her house looked as if the original plan was to have Christmas at her house. Brett's family Christmas was different this year because Rob and Maria could not get to Memphis until Christmas afternoon. His family usually does everything on Christmas Eve. It was great getting to see everyone, but I have to say it was not the same. But everyone knows as families grow, traditions change. Well, I was very pleased that Grace did so well on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These were two very long days, but Grace was her normal , happy self. Speaking of Grace, I am shocked that any other child got Christmas gifts this year after Grace got all of hers. Can we say SPOILED.

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