Monday, March 28, 2011


Brett and I finally got "grown-up" furniture. We had hand me downs from the time we got married.

A few years ago we got the couch of my turned out to be a nightmare. We got a couch from Norwalk, I also wanted one from there, but they are very pricey. Brett finally gave in, I now wish I would have listened to his advice! This $2,500 couch is worthless. We had to get the cushions replaced over 5 times and they were never fixed. Each time I asked for a new couch because I thought the problem was really with the frame. They would not even think about that idea even though the couch comes with a lifetime warranty and the problem was first reported within a few weeks! Finally, I just gave up! So word of advice - do NOT buy NORWALK!!!!!

Our NEW couch!

Daddy's chair

Mommy's Chair We got out new furniture from MisKelly's.

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