Friday, March 25, 2011


Brett had some business to do in Jackson, TN a few weeks ago and I was nowhere near ready to spend the weekend alone with all three girls. We decided to make our first road trip. Of course I look for any chance to get back home.

Once in Memphis, we had visitors coming. I loved it! I miss being so close to my family. I have always been close to my cousins and I would love for my girls to be that close with theirs, but it is hard to do being 3 hours away.

Rachel was a huge hit with the older girls they loved her visit. It did not hurt that she brought her new dog. We all know that is the way to win Reagan over. Reagan is an animal lover! Soon Morgan, Ben, and Reagan's Godmother (also known as Aunt Teresa) came over. Of course Aunt Teresa had to egg on the older two girls. She was telling them that they could change diapers, hold Greer, or whatever else they wanted. I can only imagine what she will do to Morgan's children!

After all the visits it was time for the girls to play. One of the things they love most about my parents house is playing outside! It never fails, if there is nice weather, the only way to get the girls in is with tears! I think they would live outside, with Granddaddy of course!

As soon as Brett and my Dad left for Jackson my mom had one mission...she wanted a picture of all five of her grandchildren. Emory, my SIL, called and we set up a play date. Mom was beside herself.. She was like a kid in the candy store! ha ha

My mom called my grandparents to let them know we would be in town and I would love for them to visit and see their last Great-grandchild. I was so excited for them to meet. I can truly say that I am still the biggest Granddaddy's girl at the age of 28. And I look in amazement at my Mimi and try my hardest to soak in her wisdom as a mother, sister, teacher, wife, and child of God.
We had dinner with Brett's parents. Poor Kiki was not able to eat until after everyone else had eaten. The girls ate pretty fast and then demanded that Kiki play with them. She could not say no so off they went. The girls had a blast, of course they always do with Grandy and Kiki. Thanks to Grandy the girls dinner was mainly m&m's and smarty's! I still have great memories of my "dinners" when I was at my grandparent's house and let me just say it was not much different! (Sorry no pictures)

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