Monday, March 2, 2009

A Night Alone

Brett went to Memphis last night for a job interview, so tonight was the first time I have been alone with both girls for more than a few hours. I do not see how single parents do it! Both girls were great, but I am really missing my sleep. I could not sleep because I was worried someone was going to break in or try to get one of the girls. I know this is crazy, but I just could not stop thinking about it because it watch Jesse Stone and it was about a newborn baby being kidnapped! Next time I will have to stick with a happy show.

As if we needed any more proof that Grace is a Daddy's girl, we got it! Grace was taking a nap when Brett left for Memphis yesterday and she looked for him all night. She would bang on Brett's office door and when it was bed time she cried for Dada. I really hope that Reagan is a mama's girl!!! I guess I am not good enough for Grace, only daddy will do!

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