Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Baby No More

Grace has decided that since she has become a big sister that she is no longer a baby and has stopped almost all "baby" things.
1.) She no longer takes a all! This happened about a week after Reagan was born. Every now and then Grace will hold Reagan's bottle, but she will only drink from a sippy cup!
2.) Grace rarely allows anyone to help her eat. This can be a very messy thing, but it is just too cute.
3.) Grace has started to become interested in her tooth brush. I hope this lasts because she has four teeth and we need to start brushing everyday!
4.) She only gets her passy at nap time! I thought this was going to be very hard to do but She really does not care! So far so good!

I guess Brett and I really do not get a say in how fast she grows up!!! We still cannot believe that she is over a year old!

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