Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy Two Weeks

The past two weeks have been very busy. First I had to take Reagan for her four month check-up and shots. She now weighs in at 11 pounds. The doctor is a little concerned with her slow growth rate so we will continue to have weight check-ins. We will be going every two weeks to check her progress. She did great with her shots. Of course she screamed but the second I picked her up she stopped. Shots are the worst because they never see it coming!

After her doctor’s visit we were given the okay to start eating rice cereal. Reagan took to the rice just as sister Grace…she hates it! So we decided to go straight to the baby food. This process is very slow going. I am not sure if it is similar to introducing Grace or not? I am just ready for Reagan to get the hang of it!

One night last week Rob and Maria came over for dinner. I love when they come over. We have so much fun. Soon after they came over Grace was ready for bed. This is rare when Rob is over Grace usually stays up until they leave but not this night. Before they left we decided to check in on her and this is what we found.

What else can I say that these pictures do not?

Grace was recently moved up to toddler room A so we were given all of her art work from her old room, infant room B. I decided to display her art work in the kitchen. My dad put up a clear plastic board to keep our dog, Fergie, off of the blinds. So this was a great spot to put up the art work. Grace loves her art work!

Reagan has really become very active lately. She is now rolling from her stomach to back and from her back to stomach. She is also starting to spend time in the exersaucer. Grace loves to play with her in the exersaucer and Reagan loves any attention she gets from her big sister.

Along with becoming more active she is becoming more vocal. She will let you know real fast that she is unhappy and you need to do something. Her teachers call her Miss Diva! And let me tell you the name is fitting.
And the biggest thing this week has been our visitor, Taylor. Yes, she still comes for her week long visit every summer. I hope this never ends. I guess when she gets married in 20 years or longer and husband will be welcomed as well. Grace has loved it the most I think. Everyone knows that Grace was moved to a “Big Girl” bed and now Tay-Tay is sleeping in the bed with her. I think it’s going to be bad when Tay-Tay leaves. Taylor and I spent yesterday shopping. Surprise we spent more money on the two girls then anyone else! I love the sister tradition! Maybe one day we can go on sister trip with Emory, our sister-in-law and mom? New York comes to mind! What do ya’ll think? Of course mom should pay!
Show me your teeth. Grace has a mouth full and now she will show them to you! Too cute!

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Emory said...

that picture of her sleeping on the floor is too funny. It looks like she had fun before she finally passed out!