Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catch up time...

Okay...so by now we all should know that I cannot handle being a mom, wife, teacher, home maker, and weekly blogger. But school is out and I will be doing much better. I hope! Grace is cutting 6-8 teeth as we speak. So you guessed it, life is full of screaming around here. I feel so bad, but there is nothing I can do but give her medicine, which I do for every one's sanity. Reagan is growing leaps and bounds. She is smiling and talking whenever she can be heard over her loud sister. She is starting to sit in the bumbo seat. She is getting lots of tummy time, she really does not like it. We had a blast Memorial Weekend, I have no pictures sorry! The water was too cold to get in but Grace loves to swim, I cannot wait for it to get warmer. Oh, I took Grace last week to get her first hair cut. She did great and looks too cute. Each day it is like she is turning into a "Big Girl" before our eyes and there is nothing we can do about it. I asked Maria to come over a few weeks ago to take some pictures of the girls and one of the whole family. She is great...We love the pictures. She was able to edit a few together we all looked great. Thanks Maria!!! Now what everyone is really waiting for...PICTURES!!

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