Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reagan Turns 2

Reagan was a very excited Birthday Girl. Her favorite thing was to have you sing Happy Birthday Reagan. On her birthday she would run between Brett and me to get us to sign it to her. I think we sang at least 100 times!

Grace quickly reminded Reagan that you get presents on your birthday. So at 7 a.m. Reagan was ready to open her presents. She did allow Grace to help. If you know Grace than you know she did more than help. They were both very excited about the gifts Reagan got. Grace got a Mister Potato Head for Christmas and they have been fighting over it ever since. So Reagan got her very own for her birthday. The girls played with their own for about 2 hours that morning and even more that night.

Reagan's other present was a movie, Tarzan. Reagan loves signing and animals and this move has both. Again we had a hit, she loves this movie.

Unlike Grace who planned for weeks about what type of cake she wanted to order for her party at school, Reagan wanted nothing to do with an ordered cake. She quickly told me that she wanted to MAKE her Happy Birthday Cake, as she calls it. So Reagan and I made some cupcakes. I am not sure who had more fun between the two of us! It was a blast. As you can see Reagan was the taste tester.

We were told by her teachers the next afternoon that the cupcakes were a hit. I can see a lot of Tay-Tay in Reagan with the painting and baking skills she already has at age 2. I KNOW I am in TROUBLE!

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