Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Reagan Update

The date has been set. We are to report the hospital February 23 at 6a.m.! We will be the second c-section of the day, the first for Dr. Bush, that day. We hope that it will be our turn between 8:30 and 9:30 that morning! I cannot wait. As of today, Reagan is about 5lbs 7oz. It looks like she will have hair, just like Grace did. However, I do not think they are going to look anything alike. If you look at the girls' ultrasound pictures, they look nothing alike. Grace has a much more pronounced chin. But it looks like Reagan is going to have Morgan's lips. I am very jealous! I picked up Reagan's "coming home" outfit, it is too cute. I am hoping that she will fit into it, Grace did not fit into hers for about a month or two. The doctor said that everything looked great and I am back to once a week visits! I have officially begun the Reagan countdown, 18 days and counting!!!!

Note the Pictures: you can click on it to enlarge them. Grace is the one on the left and Reagan is on the right.

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Melody said...

ok Jessica, such a random comment but I just thought that I would let you know that I go to Dr. Bush's beach house every summer. He owns a beach house with one of my best friends parents in Destin and we are actually going down in March. Atleast I am assuming it is the same Dr. Bush. I know he works in Jackson and is an OBGYM. Just a random thought. :) Good luck with everything, I know you are sooo ready!