Sunday, February 1, 2009

Job Hunt

As everyone knows, Brett will be graduating from Mississippi College School of Law this May. We are very excited. A few months after graduation Brett will take both the Tennessee and Mississippi Bar Exams. The Bar will last for 4, yes count them 4 days. The girls and I plan to spend a lot of time in Memphis and at my parents lake house so Brett can really focus on studying for the Bar Exam. Brett has done great in school and now sets out the find his first Law job. This is not the best of times to be in the "job hunt" but everything will work out with God's help. So if you hear of any job openings in the legal field, please pass them our way. The big question we are getting now is, where do we plan on living. We plan on living wherever Brett's job takes us!!! And if you know me, "The Planner" this is driving me crazy. However, I am learning that not knowing can be just as fun as knowing and planning.

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